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Which coins can I mine with you?
  • Ether
  • Monero
  • Zcash

What does 100% uptime guarantee mean

We considered the fact that our altcoins mining hardware could accidentally slow down or completely crash. They are machines, afterall. So our altcoins mining contract entails that in any of these cases, our algorithms ensures that you are instantly allocated to an operational pool to fully compensate for the possible hashpower loss. Therefore, there is no downtime and you would not lose even a second of mining time!

Are my private information secured with you

Yes it is. Our servers are fully secured with the latest security upgrades and we do not share your information with any external agencies.
Also note that we are always making upgrades to our servers and the best security measures have already been implemented to protect your data against any form of external attacks. You can rest assured knowing your information is entirely safe with us.

How can I reach you

Customer service and satisfaction is our priority and our consultants work round the clock to support and ensure that you receive the best service. Once a ticket is submitted, you would be directed to any of our available online consultants to attend to you as soon as possible.
Therefore if you need any help at any time, do not hesitate to contact us via our 'I-care' section in your account. We would be happy to hear from you!
However, keep in mind that the quality and promptness of our response depends on how accurately you fill out the form. Our topic has a drop down menu with several options and if the wrong form is used, it can delay the resolution of the ticket.

Can I make suggestions or contributions

Yes you can. Team work makes the dream work. Therefore, we are always open to suggestions on how to better satisfy you. If you have any suggestions to make, please kindly go to your I-Exchange Mining account and write to us. We would be glad to hear from you!

Great I'm interested. How can I make payment

This is very easy- Log in to your I-Exchange Mining Account, then follow the three simple steps outlined there to activate your account and start getting paid mining profits everyday. We are currently accepting payments in fiat currency and bitcoin.

What are the mining plans that we offer

Our mining plans range from the Free plan to the Elite plan. Click here to see the price list

What is my expected return on investment

Your expected return on investment is tied to the mining plan that you purchase. If you choose to strictly mine and not participate in our membership payout program, you are expected to be paid 100% return on your investment within 6 to 12 months. However, if you participate in our membership payout program, you enjoy more financial benefits within a shorter period of time. Click here to know more

What do I have to benefit

Alot actually! Because your mining contract lasts for life, you enjoy lots of benefits. You are paid mining profits everyday and if you choose to participate in our membership payout program, there's the 100% ROI membership payout that you earn within just 2 to 10 weeks and the lifetime referral commissions. You can also become a builder and enjoy the guaranteed monthly builder payout and incentives. Your earning potential is limitless! Click here to know more

How does your membership payout program work

It is very easy to understand. The membership program guarantees that when you fulfill your I-task, you are paid over 100% return on your investment and you enjoy lifetime referral commissions. You can become a builder too! Click here to know more

Lifetime referral commissions, how?

When you invite your friends to join you in this incredible opportunity, you enjoy lots of benefits. You receive a 10% commission when they purchase a mining plan and also anytime they withdraw from any phase in the membership payout program. And that's not all, you also earn the 10% referral commissions from referrals even when they renew their account. It does not matter how many times they renew, you are still paid referral commissions.

What happens when I withdraw the 100% ROI from the membership program

You would be required to renew your mining account by purchasing any mining plan of choice.

How can I become a builder

It is very easy- simply fill and submit the Builders Application form. After that, you need to pass the Builders Screening test. It is not difficult, we promise!

When will the Builders Application form be out

The Builders Application form is released once every month, at a random date. So be sure to be on the lookout!

Do I keep my referrals after renewing my account

Yes you do. You also maintain your builder status.

What if I do not want to participate in the membership payout program

It is okay! You would still be paid mining profits everyday. It is not compulsory to participate in our membership payout program.

Do I still earn when my referral overtakes me in the membership program

Luckily for you, yes you still earn when your referral moves to a higher phase before you. But this is not a licence to slack off and not do your I-task, because you stop earning from them if they renew their mining account before you.

Can I still withdraw mining profits when I withdraw money from the membership payout program

No you can't.

Where are your mining facilities located

Due to strict security measures, we are not allowed to disclose the exact location of our mining facilities. However our gold mining site is located in Gauteng, South Africa and our altcoins mining facility is in Keflavik, Iceland.

Why does my daily mining profit fluctuate

Because the mining industry is affected by constant changes in the market conditions.

How long does it take to receive my payment when I make a withdrawal request

Due to strict security measures, payments to you are made only on Mondays and Thursdays.

Can I mine both gold and altcoins

Yes! You can do so by simply purchasing mining shares on two seperate accounts. One would be used to mine gold while the other to mine altcoins.

How long does my mining contract last

Your mining contract lasts for life. You are only required to renew your mining account once you have been paid the 100% return on your investment.

Do you charge maintenance fees

Yes, but only if you are strictly mining. We do not charge maintenance fees if you participate in our membership payout program.

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