In I-Exchange Mining you are classified either as a Non-affiliate miner or an Affiliate Miner. This membership classification is dependent on the terms of the Smart Contract you enter into with us.

Each membership plan is profitable and has its own unique benefits attached to it. We understand that making good investment decisions is not just all about experiencing that inner feeling of satisfaction, but also understanding the business concept in detail. So, we suggest you take time to learn more about our membership plans, so that when purchasing your mining shares, you would be able to make the best decision on whichever membership plan you feel would be best suitable for you.

You are free to decide whether to achieve financial freedom or not. The Choice is up to you.

Below is a simple description of the Smart Contract for both Affiliate and Non-affiliate Miners.

The Non-Affiliate Miner
  • Contract Duration : 120 Mining Days
  • Return On Investment : Over 100%
  • Referral Bonuses : Yes
  • Maintenance Fees : Yes
  • Membership Fees : Yes
  • Builder Benefits : No

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The Affiliate Miner
  • Contract Duration : 550 Mining Days
  • Return on Investment : Over 1000%
  • Referral Bonuses : Yes
  • Maintenance Fees : No
  • Membership Fees : Yes
  • Builder Benefits : Yes

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The Builder

The Builder is simply an Affiliate miner that manages an active team (made up of both Non-affiliate and Affiliate Miners). For their efforts, they are highly compensated. Builders earn the most amount of money and enjoy even better incentives than the ordinary miners. Below are just a few of the benefits you enjoy when you become a Builder. They include:

  • You would be paid Builder Fees regularly from all your team members 
  • Lots of Builder Rewards & Cash Bonuses to receive

  • Lots of Referral and Membership Bonuses to earn from both Non-affiliate and Affiliate Miners 

  • Exciting Gifts and other Incentives like birthday cash bonuses, phones, cars and a fully paid family trip.
  • A Great Job Opportunity to Become a Consultant  and Earn a Monthly salary.

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