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What is Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining is a process where special computers are programmed to solve complex mathematical equations and cryptographic puzzles in order to maintain and validate transactions on the Blockchain. This allows for the release of new units of cryptocurrencies at a steady pace because the miner who successfully solves the mathemathical equation which validates the transaction is issued a financial reward in the form of a certain amount of the cryptocurrency that was mined, this process also aids to protect the integrity of the Blockchain.

Why we mine Altcoins

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency and due to its growing universal acceptance, there is an increasingly high demand for the ever-volatile cryptocurrency.  Over time, as more miners join the Bitcoin network, it becomes relatively difficult to mine Bitcoins because since the Bitcoin network is designed to produce a constant amount of Bitcoin every 10 minutes, the difficulty in solving the complex mathematical problems increases in order to adjust to the increasing hash rate.  This growing mining difficulty has brought about a profitability decline in recent years and since no one can accurately predict the rate of miners joining the network, no one can also predict how difficult it will be to mine Bitcoins years from now. Due to this reason, we focused our strategic mining operations into other more profitable Alternative cryptocurrencies like Dash, Litecoin, Zcash and Monero which are characterized by lesser mining difficulty and low consumption of electrical power.  So, by  employing our efficient cryptocurrency mining algorithms and  the use of  state-of-the-art mining  hardware technology, we can go around the problem that Bitcoin mining poses and bring about  maximum productivity in a less crowded market. You Can Start Mining with Us Today!

our mining facility

I-Exchange Mining facility in Keflavik, Iceland

Why Choose I-Exchange Mining

At I-exchange Mining, our professional team is made up experts in the digital currency sector and we  provide world class multi-algorithm cryptocurrency mining services to anyone who wishes to acquire digital assets. Our shares are also very affordable for anyone to purchase and we employ the use of  optimal mining hardware technology that ensures maximum performance and "100% uptime guarantee" for the duration of your Smart Contract with us.  Also, the rigs we use consume very cheap electrical power and are cooled efficiently, all thanks to the strategic locations of our mining hardware.  So be rest assured,  We Would Always Provide you with the Best Services!.  

Guaranteed Profits when Mining with Us

The Altcoins we mine were carefully selected and their hashpower was allocated to ensure maximum profitability. Did you  know that the networks of the Altcoins we mine  are capable of more frequent block generations and better mining rewards per block than their counterpart-Bitcoin?.  For example, when mining litecoin, we are awarded with over 25 new litecoins per block, an amount which gets halved roughly every 840,000 blocks (every 4 years). In total, the Litecoin network will produce 84million litecoins, which is 4 times as many units as Bitcoin. This way, we are guaranteed  maximum profits and a return on investment for our investors. The Altcoins we mine are also characterized by faster confirmation times and low fees, with improved storage and efficiency.  This makes it easy for our users to swap them for Bitcoins, all thanks to our friendly mining software user interface. Our goal is to generate substantial digital assets and maximize their distribution amongst our highly esteemed members;  therefore we would venture into mining more profitable cryptocurrencies in the future.  As the market conditions are highly unstable and always changing, we  would constantly evolve to bring about maximum productivity and provide you with the Best services available in the market.  Start Mining Now!

With Just $100 you can take part in our Shared Mining pool and earn BTC daily!

Our Smart Contract

By purchasing mining shares, you enter into a Smart Contract with us that spans over a duration of time during which you receive a percentage of our mining profits daily. You earn Bitcoins daily and Payouts are instant. Our Smart Contract also entails a "100% uptime guarantee", which ensures that incase of an accidental hardware defect, our algorithms ensures that you would be allocated to an operational pool to compensate for the possible hashpower loss. Therefore, there is no downtime and you would not lose a second of mining time. The Contract terms and agreement differs for both Affiliate and Non-affiliate members.  The Basic contract for a Non-affiliate member is valid for a duration of 120 days during which a 100% return on investment is guaranteed. For more information, See Our Membership Program.

How to get STARTED

Becoming a part of the I-Exchange Mining family is very easy.

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Step 2 - Purchase Shares to fully activate your account.

Step 3 - Start Earning Bitcoins Daily!.

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