What makes I-Exchange Mining unique from other Mining Companies?

As you are already aware,  bitcoin mining is no longer lucrative and the mining difficulty keeps increasing daily as more miners join the already over-crowded network. Moreover, due to the re-occurrent scams and excessive rate of lack of integrity in the cryptocurrency sector, finding a reliable and trustworthy mining company posed a major threat to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

However all thanks to the vision and ideals of our founders over 3 years ago, I-Exchange Mining provides the perfect solution to these problems- A reliable, affordable, highly profitable and trustworthy Altcoins mining company using innovative state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best offer available in the entire market.
Till date, we still employ the most recent technology to mine the most profitable and lucrative of altcoins that guarantees substantial profit to our members over the period of their Smart Contract and we would continue to expand our cryptocurrency portfolio, as we turn more persons into digital asset millionaires.
Our community continues to grow exponentially, strethching across all regions worldwide.  Today, We can boast of a membership-base that spans with more than 70,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts currently benefitting from the blockchain technology.
We also care deeply about our clients and our Customer-service is always available 24/7 to attend to you. We are constantly changing lives daily and we would continue to keep to our promise.


Where is your Mining facility located?

Our mining facility is located in Reykjavik Iceland.  Electricity costs and availability of cooling are highly important variables to consider during mining, and the renewable geo-thermal energy and cold climate of Iceland provides a safe and perfectly green environment for our mining operations to be more efficient and productive; without causing harm to the environment.


Okay,  what coins can I mine with each algorithm?

At I-Exchange Mining, we have the capability to mine all types of digital assets- ranging from scrypt-algorithm based coins to proof of work coins to ASIC, GPU and Equihash based coins. However you must allocate your hashpower in order to determine the cryptocurrency you intend to mine. Below are the list of the coins you can mine with us;

  • Ether
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Zcash
Nevertheless, we believe the blockchain technology is here to stay and we would continue to expand our cryptocurrency portfolio to mine the most profitable of coins. So expect more from us!


What does "100% uptime guarantee" mean?

At I-Exchange Mining, we are dedicated to providing you with the best services.  As such,  we always consider  the fact that our mining hardwares could accidentally slow down or completely crash.  Therefore,  our Smart Contract entails that in any of these cases,  our algorithms ensures that you are instantly allocated to an operational pool to fully compensate for the possible hashpower loss.  Therefore,  there is no downtime and you would not lose even a second of mining time!


What are the membership plans we offer?

We have two kinds of membership plans you can choose from- The Affiliate membership and Non-affiliate membership plans.
Each membership plan has its own unique benefits attached to it and making good investment decisions is all about satisfaction and understanding the business concept in detail.  So, we suggest you take time to learn more about our membership plans:  so that when purchasing your mining shares, you would be able to make the best decision on whichever membership plan you feel would be best for you.  Please (CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR MEMBERSHIP PLANS)


What are my expected returns if I am a Non-Affiliate member?

Altcoins mining operations depends highly on the prices and network difficulties of the cryptocurrencies that you are mining.  However our world-class multi-algorithm cryptocurrency mining services makes it easier for you to accumulate sufficient profits for the duration of your Smart Contract with us.  As a Non-affiliate member, you receive over 100% return on your investment for a Smart Contract that lasts for a duration of 120 mining days, plus other added incentives like Referral bonuses and Loyalty rewards.


Do I earn referral bonuses as a Non-affiliate member?

YES you do!

As a Non-affiliate member, you receive a one-time referral bonus from every referral you sponsor which can be withdrawn to your registered bitcoin wallet address.


As a Non-affiliate member, what happens when my smart contract ends?

When your  120 mining days Smart Contract ends, you would be given the option of either renewing your Smart Contract with us or upgrading to a Higher plan; and if your referrals also renew their contract, you still earn a new referral bonus based on the mining plan any of them purchases. You keep earning, as long as you are a part of our family!


As a Non-affiliate member,  can I become a Builder?

 NO you can't! 

The Builder Program is specifically only available for Affiliate members.


Do I have to pay maintenance fee anytime I make a withdrawal?

Maintenance fee is paid only by Non-affiliate members throughout the duration of the Mining Contract. A stipend is deducted  whenever you make a withdrawal from your i-wallet to your external bitcoin wallet address. The maintenance fee deducted is used to maintain our mining hardwares and expand our mining operations, which in turn enables us to better provide you with the very best service.
This maintenance fee covers all costs related to electricity costs, cooling costs, harware maintenance costs and our hosting services.
Note that- Compared to most so-called mining companies out there that frequently deduct maintainance fees on a daily basis from miners under them, we only deduct maintenance fees when withdrawals are made to your registered bitcoin wallet address. This way, you earn more money and pay little for maintenance costs.


What are my expected returns if I am an Affiliate member?

As an Affiliate member, You receive over 1000% return on your investment for a Smart Contract that lasts for a duration of 3 and a half years.

However, as an Affiliate member you are expected to be fully aware of your team-building capabilities. As an Affiliate member, you have the oppurtunity to become a Builder and earn even more money than the Non-affiliate member. So, you must be willing to build your team or join an already active one. So do not hesitate to make your personal enquiries on the team you are joining. Note that you also get to enjoy other added incentives. (CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE- Affiliate program).


How does our Affiliate Program work?

For a more detailed information about the program. Please refer to the Affiliate  membership section on  (OUR MEMBERSHIP PLANS)


As an Affiliate member,  when do I know that my Matrix is complete?

Our Affiliate membership program has been praised by our clients to be easy and highly rewarding. It basically works using a simple 2;4 Matrix system. Hence you need just 2 direct referrals to complete the first level of your matrix. After your first level is complete, your two direct referrals will have to both recruit 2 direct referrals each to complete the second level of your matrix.

Once this is done, your matrix would be complete and you will be able to progress from Level-1 to Level-8. Remember, it's all about building a fun and active team!


But what if I cannot recruit referrals as an Affiliate member?

As an Affiliate member, you must be willing to put in effort in building your network. Our Affiliate members receive the highest payout with a Smart Contract that lasts for over 3 and a half years. If you cannot recruit referrals, you have the option of joining an active team and waiting patiently for a referral- spillover from your builder. So, by joining an active team, you will get spillover referrals from your builder which will enable you complete your matrix. However you will have to pay a  stipulated amount of builder fee to your Builder whenever you upgrade from one Miner Level to another.  This is just  one of the many means of compensating our Builders for their effort.


What happens If I recruit more than 2 referrals as an Affiliate member?

Any extra referrals you recruit will go to your downlines to complete your 2:4 matrix and once you have recruited up to 5 direct referrals, you automatically become a Builder and start earning Builder fees from every downline you have sponsored. Exciting, isn't it?


Why does my daily mining returns keep fluctuating?

We are fully aware of the constant fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market conditions, which inadvertently affects the profit we realise from our daily mining operations. The cryptospace is highly unpredictable and at I-Exchange Mining  we care about transparency,  we would not be entirely honest if we were to provide a fixed data on the mining profits of the altcoins that you mine with us.
Hence any profit realised from our daily mining operations is allocated evenly amongst the miners on our shared mining pool, with respect to the Smart Contract you are currently on. However our team incorporates the Best and most innovative mining hardware equipments in our operations and we keep upgrading our system with the latest updates to ensure maximum productivity.
Therefore you never lose in any day of mining and thus we are highly praised by our  members as one of the most reliable companies in the cryptocurrency mining sector.


Why do we pay in Bitcoins?

You would agree with us that despite the mining difficulty of the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin is currently the King of all cryptocurrencies- despite the fact that we mine only Altcoins. At I-Exchange Mining we are all about  using the most innovative technology, hence our advanced "swap-allocation" is a special feature that we designed specifically to give you the freedom to mine different altcoins at the same time, and make your withdrawals in Bitcoins. 

This is made possible by mining your preferrred altcoin directly, which is then automatically swapped to bitcoin by our algorithm framework. It is a pretty simple procedure actually- all you have to do is click on the "withdrawal buttton" on your I-Exchange Mining account and You get paid! We got you covered!


How long does it take for me to receive my payment after making a withdrawal request?

After making a withdrawal request, you will receive payments to your registered bitcoin wallet address within 3-48hours. Remember that during payouts to your registered bitcoin wallet address, we would have to swap your altcoins for bitcoins.
It is also important to note that we do not make payments during weekends, as weekends are used for making general upgrades and carrying out maintenance on our mining hardwares.


When is Exoreum set to launch?

Due to the instability and profitability decline in the cryptocurrency sector this year,  we decided to put our Exoreum project on hold for now and focus more on expanding our strategic mining operations to help you accumulate sufficient digital assets before this year runs to an end.
However, plans are currently in motion on our Exoreum project development. Our software engineers and programmers are currently making modifications to the Exoreum script, so that Exoreum can be mined independently. Through this means, we strongly believe that we can fully harness the power of the blockchain technology to  better satisfy you.
Our vision still remains the same and as promised, free Exoreum tokens would be distributed immediately after the initial coin offering (date to be unveiled).

Note that this privilege would be given exclusively only to (you) our beloved members. So be sure to stay updated on our upcoming projects and developments.
Keep supporting our community and thanks for being a part of our family.


Are my private information secured with you?

Yes it is.

We maintain a very high level of closure of our members' information. Our servers are also fully secured with the latest security upgrades and we do not share your information with any external agencies.
Also note that we are always making upgrades to our servers and the best security measures have already been implemented to protect your data against any form of external attacks. So you can be rest assured knowing any information you provide relating to your account is entirely safe with us.
We would constantly keep implementing better updates and stronger security measures to protect your account information.


How can I reach you to make further enquiries?

Customer service and satisfaction is our greatest priority and our Consultants are always working round the clock to support you, and also ensure that you receive the best service. Once a ticket is submitted, you would be directed to any of our online consultants to  attend to you as soon as possible.
Therefore if you need any help at any time, do not hesitate to contact us via our 'Customer service' section on your I-Exchange Mining account. We would be happy to hear from you!
However, please keep in mind that the quality and promptness of our response also depends on your mannerism and the ticket you submitted. Our topic has a drop down menu with several options and if the wrong form is used, it could delay the resolution of the submitted ticket.


Can I make suggestions or contributions?

YES, of course.

As a member of our community, we believe you are already a part of our family and as such, we must work together.  Team work makes the dream work. Therefore, we are always open to suggestions on how to better satisfy you. So, if you have any suggestions to make, please kindly go to your I-Exchange Mining account and write to us. We would be incredibly glad to hear from you!. (CLICK HERE- Sign in page)


Great! I'm interested, how can I make payment?

This is a very easy method- we are currently accepting payments in Bitcoins. Log in to your I-Exchange Mining Account and click on "Activate Account". Then follow the 3 simple steps to activate your account and start earning bitcoins daily. it's that simple. (CLICK THIS LINK- sign up page)

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