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At I-Exchange Mining, we have proof to show that no other mining company can beat our offer. Our mining shares are not only available to the general public, they are affordable and our algorithms are designed to provide the most efficient and reliable mining service, irrespective of the mining plan that you choose. Now you have the opportunity to mine either gold or altcoins from the convenience of your home.
As a miner in our company, you have two options- you can either choose to be paid daily mining profits which accumulates over a period of time or you can participate in our membership payout program and enjoy multiple financial benefits within a shorter period of time. Check out some of the benefits of mining with us!

Guaranteed profits when mining with us

Due to the ever-increasing mining difficulty of bitcoin, we mine the most profitable altcoins. The altcoins we mine are also characterized by more units, faster confirmation times, low fees, with improved storage and efficiency. Whether you are mining gold or altcoins, you are paid mining profits daily which amounts to over 100% return on your investment within 6 - 12 months. However when you participate in our membership program, you earn the 100% ROI membership payout within just 2 - 10 weeks. You also earn a lifetime of referral commissions, and you have the opportunity to become a builder and enjoy even more amazing benefits.

A convenient way to mine gold

For years, getting into gold mining has always been a major challenge for willing investors because of the challenges faced in procuring a rich mining site and difficulties encountered during mining, refining and sales of gold. Never before has such an opportunity been made for investors to easily cash in on this valuable commodity. We have the most efficient gold mining facility set up and running for you. With I-Exchange Mining, as soon as you purchase gold mining shares, you start earning mining profits. You are paid your gold mining profits on Thursdays of every week.

A convenient way to mine altcoins

For years, getting into cryptocurrency mining has always been a major challenge for people because of the lack of trustworthy mining companies and the difficulty posed by the bitcoin network. Today, I-Exchange Mining offers you a smart and easy way to mine altcoins. As soon as you purchase altcoins mining shares, you are paid mining profits everyday. You do not need to bother about the complicated set-up of a mining rig and the excessive costs of maintaining one, we have the most efficient mining hardwares already set up and running for you!
Our state-of-the art mining hardwares possess the capability to mine all types of digital assets, ranging from scrypt-algorithm based coins and proof of work coins to ASIC mining. So we already got you covered!

Affordable mining plans

Our goal is to change as many lives as possible, but this would not be possible without the affordability of purchasing mining shares in our company. We offer a wide range of mining plans available from as low as $50. We even have a Free plan, if you cannot afford to purchase a mining plan. Mining with us is also very flexible, because you have the freedom to upgrade your mining plan to earn higher profits.

You are guaranteed to earn huge profits 

We invented a way to guarantee that as a miner you earn more profits whenever you participate in our membership payout program. This is because apart from your daily mining profits, you are also paid for advertising our company. Hence the total money you earn increases exponentially. However, if you choose to strictly mine gold or altcoins without joining our membership payout program, that is still okay because you are guaranteed to be paid 100% return on your investment within 6 to 12 months.

A reliable company

We have been running legitimate mining operations since the year 2016. Over the years, our company has only grown more successful as our altcoins mining sector continued to thrive and pay daily profits to members even during the cryptocurrency market downtrend in 2018 which drove hundreds of mining companies to shutdown. So far our strategic mining operations have continued to expand, as we strive to provide value to the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Multi-algorithm support

When mining altcoins, our multi-algorithm mining services allows miners to enjoy profits from more than one coin. Through this means, we can generate more revenue and guarantee daily mining profits to our miners, because compared to most cryptocurrency mining companies, we do not solely rely on mining one coin. The altcoins mining market conditions is always in a state of flux, so considering the possibility that when one cryptocurrency does not generate sufficient mining returns, the other coins that we mine aid to balance daily mining profits for our members.

100% uptime guarantee

Our altcoins mining contract also entails '100% uptime guarantee' which ensures that incase of an accidental hardware defect, our algorithms ensures that you would be allocated to an operational pool to compensate for the possible hashpower loss. Therefore, there is no downtime and you would not lose even a second of mining time.

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