Infinite Exchange Mining was founded at the end of the year 2015, roughly seven years after the birth of the revolutionary blockchain technology. Our goal still remains the same- to grant financial freedom to people from across all regions of the world, by providing cheap, affordable and highly profitable mining solutions using the most innovative means to harness the power of the blockchain technology.

Our founders noticed that there was a lack of trustworthy mining companies in the cryptocurrency sector and this inspired the idea to launch Infinite Exchange Mining- pioneered by our visioneer Carl Webb, who then teamed up with other professionally skilled individuals that shared the same vision in the future of the revolution of digital currencies. However, due to the ever-increasing mining difficulty of the bitcoin network which posed a major challenge to the mining profitability of other mining companies, we decided to focus on mining other more profitable Alternative cryptocurrencies which are characterized by a lesser mining difficulty and low consumption of electrical power. So, by employing our efficient multi-algorithm cryptocurrency mining and the use of state-of-the-art mining hardware technology, we have been able to go around the problem that bitcoin mining poses and bring about maximum productivity in a less crowded market. Through our strategic altcoins mining operations, we have been able to help more persons in different regions of the world to benefit from the blockchain technology. Now, people from all socio-economic classes and racial backgrounds have easy access to cheap, affordable and a highly profitable means of acquiring wealth. The I-Exchange Mining community continues to change the lives of so many persons and families globally. Our impact is strongly felt around the world, as more and more persons gain financial freedom. This is evident from the numerous testimonials by our members on a daily basis.

The revolutionary blockchain technology is as powerful as it is today, because of its decentralization, mass acceptance and availability to millions of people around the world. As such, we believe that the opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies should be affordable, transparent and made available to everyone. Unlike other so-called mining companies out there that do not provide hashpower at an affordable rate, Infinite Exchange Mining provides an opportunity for people from the poor, lower, middle and upper economic classes to have access to relatively cheap and highly profitable mining solutions.

Our company is a corporation with our head office situated at 51 Oxford street, P.O. Box 787, Fitzrovia, Central London, United Kingdom. However, we have administrative offices spread across different regions of the world. Our mining facility is based in Keflavik, Iceland - an excellent choice to utilize the geo-thermal energy of the cool climate of Iceland for cheaper electricity costs and effective cooling of our mining hardwares.

Because of our innovative and sustainable business model, Infinite Exchange Mining is recognised globally as the most successful altcoins mining company. We have been praised as one of the most reliable and trustworthy mining companies in the world today. Boasting of an overwhelming inflow of members daily, our company has grown to become a global power with a workforce of over 200 full-time staffs working at our administrative branches located in different parts of the world, stretching across countries in Africa, America, Asia, The European Union and other parts of the world.

After establishing our brand and building a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy mining company, our very own cryptocurrency- Exoreum is currently undergoing its development and it is set to launch with a vast community of over 85,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts ready to receive it.

Our Board of Directors, Software engineers, Mining operations officers, Customer care service team and entire staff are made up of experienced, highly skilled, intelligent and hardworking professionals that are fully dedicated and committed to achieveing our company goals and ideals. Over the past 3 years, through a plethora of notable successes, we have grown to become the largest altcoins mining community in the world today, as we continue to provide thousands of persons worldwide with cheap, affordable and highly profitable altcoins mining solutions using the most innovative means of technology.

Sonya Kuhnel is one of our early and biggest inspirations. Till date, our company still has an enormous impact in contributing to the awareness of the blockchain technology. Sonya Kuhnel still inspires and educates people around the world. She is also the co-owner of Blockchain Academy. Get ready to meet the team below!


Carl Webb, Director of operations

Infinite Exchange Mining Inc.

Inspired by Sonya Kuhnel

Co-owner of Blockchain Academy

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