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brief history

I-Exchange Mining was founded at the end of the year 2015, roughly seven years after the birth of the revolutionary blockchain technology. We started by mining only altcoins, because our founders noticed that there was a lack of trustworthy mining companies in the cryptocurrency sector, and this inspired the idea to launch I-Exchange Mining- pioneered by our visioneer Carl webb, who later teamed up with other professionals that shared the same vision in the future of the revolution of digital currencies.

However, because of the ever-increasing mining difficulty of the bitcoin network which posed a major challenge to the mining profitability of most mining companies, we focused solely on mining other more profitable alternative cryptocurrencies which are characterized by a lesser mining difficulty and low consumption of electrical power.

Over the years, by employing our efficient multi-algorithm and the use of state-of-the-art mining hardware technology, we have been able to go around the problem that bitcoin mining poses and bring about maximum productivity in a less crowded market. During the cryptocurrency market downtrend in September, 2018 which drove hundreds of mining companies to shutdown, our company continued to thrive and pay mining profits to members.

In 2019, to guarantee financial securities in a bid to expand our mining operations, we ventured into the billion-dollar gold mining industry.  Our unique ability to adapt and welcome new ideas has aided us to grow into a multi-million dollar company running successful mining operations both in the gold and cryptocurrency sector.

"In a world where most corporations capitalize on the growing margin between the rich and the poor, we would always be the difference. We are constantly bridging the gap."

Carl webb, Founder

Vision & Mission
providing profitable mining solutions to everyone

I-Exchange Mining has been praised as one of the most reliable mining companies in the world, because of our innovative and sustainable business model. Our mission is to provide the most profitable mining solutions to everyone at an affordable rate.
Our mining contract lasts for life where you earn daily mining profits and unlike most companies that do not make mining affordable, we provide an opportunity for people even from the lower economic class to have access to highly profitable mining solutions.

Boasting of an overwhelming inflow of members daily, our company has grown to become a global power with a workforce of over 200 full-time staffs working at our administrative branches located in different parts of the world. Our board of directors, software engineers, mining operations officers, customer care service team and entire staff are made up of experienced and highly skilled professionals who are fully dedicated and committed to fulfilling our mission.

Over the past 3 years through a plethora of notable successes, we have become one of the fastest growing mining companies in the world, as we continue to help thousands of people to gain financial freedom. We would be happy to render our services to you too!

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