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The Gold & Cryptocurrency mining industry generates over $500 billion on a yearly basis. It is the most profitable industry in the world today. Don't miss out!

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Builder Mari Kwabenah

When I first joined your company, I didn't know much about cryptocurrency talk more of mining, I just joined your company based on a friends recommendation and went with the flow. As a proud Rookie-Builder I'd recommend i-exchange to anybody looking for a legitimate online investment.

Accra Ghana

Builder Colton Jean

As a fitness coach, your company gives me a chance to earn passive income, whether I'm at work or at home with the kids. Some of the boys at the gym who were once doubters are now believers, my advice is "Stop procrastinating and start mining with i-exchange today".

New Jersey USA

Builder Abner

I-ExchangeMining provides literally Everyone with a unique investment oppurtunity, before joining this wonderful community, i had invested in so many crypto-mining companies, either they shut down or they pay miniscule mining returns. i love i-exchangemining because over the course 2 years, your company has been steadily evolving and i've seen great strides made to the payout for both miners and builders. In a nutshell I-EXCHANGEMINING CARES!

Napo Equador

Builder Olivia

I used to work as a waitress, I could barely make anything out of the tips and money I was paid, I literally lived on scraps and nearly hit rock bottom when I came across this oppurtunity. I Just had to make the most out of it and today I am proudly a builder, the monthly payouts and incentives truly helps and now I'm back on my feet, all thanks to i-exchangemining.

Queensland Australia

Builder Carlos.F

Me and my team are like one big happy family. We hold weekly meetings and provide support to each other. So far, it has made me a better person. I think that is what being a team leader is all about...truly, it has been an amazing experience.

Albay Philippines

Builder Abbey

Hey guys, just got paid $400. Since becoming a builder, I have been earning so much money. As a student, being financially independent is so effing awesome! Great Company!

Texas USA

Builder Justin Nolan

Last year I spent a week with my family on fregate island and all expenses through the 7-day vacation was covered by I-EXCHANGE MINING INC. When I first got the message, i couldnt believe it, it was like a dream come true, The time spent with my family on the island was one of our most happiest moments. Being a BUILDER certainly has its perks and my family is truly grateful to your company.

Wicklow Ireland

Our membership payout program pays you through multiple streams of income.
You can start getting paid today!

Did you know?

To become a Pro builder, you must have earned over $1000 as a Rookie builder

Builders earn the highest & enjoy the most benefits

You can choose to be paid only mining profits everyday or you can participate in our membership payout program & enjoy more financial benefits

Our mining contract lasts for life

To become a Pro builder, you must have renewed your mining account at least once

We are one of the fastest growing mining companies in the world

All the gold that has ever been mined is still in existence till today

To become a Master builder, you must have renewed your mining account at least thrice

You are required to renew your mining account once you are paid 100% return on your investment

Our gold mining site is located in Gauteng, South Africa

As at July 2019, our Builders Initiative had over 10,000 team leaders

'Before' is the total amount of gold points that you need to withdraw money from any phase before the payout timer runs out

You still earn referral commissions when your referral overtakes you in the membership program

The 10% referral purchase commission and 10% referral payout commission are the two kinds of referral commissions that you earn

We only give discount coupons as gifts to exceptional builders

A Free miner cannot be paid daily mining profits

'After' is the total amount of gold points that you need to withdraw money from any phase after the payout timer ends

Anyone can become a builder

You earn 10% referral commissions from your referrals when they purchase a mining plan

You cannot cancel a withdrawal request

We make payments to you only on Mondays and Thursdays

If you need more gold points, you can simply check for an incomplete I-task

Australian Miner George Harrison found gold ore near Johannesburg in 1885 beginning the South African Gold Rush

You can purchase a mining plan by using either bitcoin or your preferred fiat currency

An ordinary miner that does not participate in our membership program is expected to earn 100% ROI in 6 months

The coins that we mine are Litecoin, Dash & Zcash

By actively doing your I-task, you meet & connect with other members of our community

We do not mine on Sundays

The ALPHA upgrade was launched in August 2019

Refunds become invalid after making a withdrawal from your mining wallet

Around 187,200 tonnes of gold has been mined since the beginning of civilization

Our compensation plan has been proven to be the most profitable in the world

Daily mining profits take a while to accumulate. Be patient or do your I-task

Mining with us gives you financial freedom, because you are paid mining profits everyday for life

Over 90% of the world's gold has been mined since the California Gold Rush

You can donate media materials to us to get featured on the frontpage

The Builders Application form is released once in a month

In May 2019, our first gold mining facility was established in Gauteng, South Africa

Every Thursdays gold miners are paid their total mining profits

Around half of all the gold mined today is made into jewelry, which remains the single largest use for gold

To become a Master builder, you must have earned over $3000 as a Pro builder

As a builder, the more tasks you fulfill in a month the more task reward you earn

There are only four phases in the membership program

It is impossible to earn from the membership program without gold points

There are only two kinds of I-tasks- the social media ad & the live ad

Do your I-task early to enable you to withdraw faster from the membership program

As at April 2019, our customer base reached a milestone of 100,000 members worldwide

You can make new friends & get referrals easily when you do the I-task

To post a selfie on social media wearing an I-Exchange Mining t-shirt is a form of social media ad

A Standard miner earns more money than a Basic miner

Refunds become invalid after mining for 30 days

The I-task is a very easy task that you can do at your convenience

You cannot earn gold points or referral commissions from free members

When you upgrade your mining plan, you lose all your acquired gold points

Only exceptional builders get an all-expense paid family trip to the exotic Fregate island resort

During the cryptocurrency market downtrend in 2018, I-Exchange Mining continued to pay its members when hundreds of other mining companies shut down

You still earn commissions from your referrals when they renew their mining accounts

You can upgrade your mining plan to earn more money at anytime

You can become a builder by passing the Builders Screening test

In March 2019, we received the 'Future of Mining Award 2019'

Builder tasks are similar in nature to the I-tasks

We mine the finest grams of gold for sales on the international market

You cannot earn the 100% ROI membership payout without doing your I-task

The money that we pay you in the membership payout program is merely a percentage of our advertising budget

You can use gold points to withdraw faster from the membership payout program, before the payout timer ends

You can have more than one mining account

You receive a weekly account statement that displays your financial status

You can invite your friends to register for free

I-Exchange Mining is the only company that mines the two most valuable commodities in the world- Gold & Altcoins

Everyday, Elite miners are paid the highest mining profits

There are two ways to earn from the membership payout program- by simply doing the I-task or by sponsoring a referral

I-task is a fun task that earn you gold points

The Builders Initiative was activated in October 2017

In September 2016, our first altcoins mining facility was established in Keflavik, Iceland

Our company was founded in the year 2015

The Master builder is the highest builder rank

You can't withdraw mining profits if you withdraw from the membership payout program

We make our revenue from mining gold & altcoins

You need to acquire gold points to earn the 100% ROI from the membership program

As a builder, the higher your approval rating in a month the higher loyalty reward you earn

Our mining shares was not open to the public until August 2017

When you sponsor referrals, you earn lifetime referral commissions

Our altcoins mining facility is located in Keflavik, Iceland

You stop earning from your referrals if they renew their mining account before you

We do not charge maintenance fees if you participate in the membership payout program

I-Exchange Mining is the only mining company that offers you a free membership and still pays you over $150

Mining profits are updated in your vault everyday at 1AM GMT

The Rookie is the lowest rank of a builder

You earn 10% referral commissions from your referrals when they withdraw from the membership payout program

Our membership program was launched in 2017





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